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La Victoria, Venezuela, Venezuela
Who I am?
I am a young Venezuelan who in the midst of the terrible crisis facing my country decided not to sit idly by and try to help as many people as possible, my inspiration comes from projects such as eatBCH and Bitcoin Cash Fund with which I kept in touch to work together and share ideas, I remain anonymous for my safety because for the government of Venezuela to work with this type of aid is illegal and punishable by imprisonment.
What is the reason for the crowdfund?
The reason of the crowdfund is in order to invest the money in food, medicine, diapers and other necessary supplies for the biem of the people benefited, on and twitter can find part of our work.
Why has this specific crowdfund BCH amount been chosen?
This amount of BCH has been chosen since there are many people who need help and will be benefited, our plan is to help a minimum of 300 people per week which requires a sufficient budget.
How can you re-assure pledgers that you will deliver / continue to deliver?
I can assure to continue delivering aid to people, in our twitter account and we will be constantly updating, sharing images of the beneficiaries, in our recent last project we visited a nursing home and we gave food and medicines to the grandparents of the institution all this was achieved thanks to people from all over the world with their BCH donations.
Do pledgers get some kind of incentive (e.g. a flair, a thank you etc.)
We would like to thank all the people who make their donation, we will make a recognition via twitter and on in honor of the gratitude of these people who give their contribution.
What impact will this successful crowdfund have on the project?
With this crowdfund many people will be fed and in some cases their lives will be saved to those that require a medication for some serious diseases such as cancer, our project will grow and we will be able to help many more people traveling all over the country in order to help the more needy.
What would you like to say to people who are planning to pledge?
I want to tell all the people who are part of BCH and make their donations that thanks to you many people will be fed, many people will be saved thanks to you who are reading this you can be happy with you because today you saved a life and fed someone who did not I had resources to eat.
Visit our twitter: bchvenezuela
Visit our profile of bitcoincashvenezuela


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