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Whether you’re a startup looking to transform your prototype into a product, an open source software development project looking for some funding or a student who needs help with paying rent. Anyone can get their campaign funded with cryptocurrencies and get paid almost instantly via Bitcoin Cash.

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Please help me raise funds for my dad

help me

19,100.00 bits Raised 0.32%
6,000,000.00 bits Goal
20 Days to Go
Caracas, Venezuela, Venezuela

Crypto & Blockchain Classes for High School Students

In Poland the government wants to have as much control over citizens' money as possible. Ministry of Finance and Financial Supervisory Commision are trying to stop the blockchain technology and crypt

216,100.00 bits Raised 9.40%
2,300,000.00 bits Goal
42 Days to Go
Łódź, Poland

Football Management Mobile Game Using Bitcoin Cash As In Game Currency

I have loved soccer and video games ever since I was young. Now, I am also in love with Bitcoin Cash. So here's the idea. I am looking to develop a soccer management game where the in-game currency

1,662,000.00 bits Raised 11.08%
15,000,000.00 bits Goal
0 Days to Go

ARC Krypton: First Customizable 3D Earphones

Break the norms of earphone making. Bring it up to the 3rd

2,193,000.00 bits Raised 24.37%
9,000,000.00 bits Goal
16 Days to Go
Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand

Physical wooden Bitcoin Cash piggy bank

Tecnology, Art, Design, Nature and Finance come together in a a friendly Bitcoin Cash Piggy

2,000.00 bits Raised 0.13%
1,500,000.00 bits Goal
15 Days to Go
Ottawa, Canada

another chance!

I'm 25 years old guy, I'm trying to leave my country and live in a safer, more stable place before it's too late... My passport is about to expire and getting a new one is even

0.00 bits Raised 0%
10,000,000.00 bits Goal
38 Days to Go
Tripoli, Libya

Tesla Research

Support me and my work to recreate and verify Tesla's theories and practical

0.00 bits Raised 0%
15,000,000.00 bits Goal
358 Days to Go
Isan, Thailand

“Miner’s Choice Initiative” Development for Free transactions on Bitcoin Cash

We propose a "Miner's Choice Initiative" that will enable free transactions to be enabled on Bitcoin Cash. The minimum viable product we require for a free transaction: Requirement: 1. UTXO con

24,000.00 bits Raised 0.48%
5,000,000.00 bits Goal
149 Days to Go


0.00 bits Raised 0%
40.00 bits Goal
0 Days to Go
Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines, Philippines

3D printable Bitcoin Logo with tray for hidden private key

.stl file for secret Bitcoin

110,000.00 bits Raised 55.00%
200,000.00 bits Goal
15 Days to Go
UK, United Kingdom (UK)

The Wallet T-shirt

Let's do payment easier!!! on BCH payment T-Shirt Cool!! and

0.00 bits Raised 0%
4,000,000.00 bits Goal
72 Days to Go
Bangkok, Thailand

Stoneshard: Open-world Roguelike RPG with Tactical Freedom

Grim medieval adventure that blends old school roguelike gameplay with modern

0.00 bits Raised 0%
100,000,000.00 bits Goal
84 Days to Go
New York, United States (US)