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Support me and my work to recreate and verify Tesla’s theories and practical work.

Tesla Research

by Ernst

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Isan, Thailand


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In 2005 I had to relocate to Thailand. I basically had to start a new life with my 2 daughters. Moving here drastically reduced costs of living so that I had no immediate need for a job. I searched for things that interested me and found the Wardenclyffe project of Nikola Tesla.

This rose so many questions: Why, what, who and… was this man sane?

The more I looked into it the more I got convinced that this man was a genius. When I was studying at University I thought Einstein was pretty clever, but he pales in comparison to Tesla. Having established that, the next question is why was this man building this huge tower? Why was he experimenting with such extremely high voltages?

There are many rumours on the internet, many false claims and unfounded theories. So what needs to be done is go back to the source and try to recreate the truth based on Tesla’s own words alone. At the same time recreate his experiments so I can see what he must have seen and really understand his line of reasoning.

So that is what I have been doing ever since, hoping that it would lead to something that would eventually put money back into my pocket. Unfortunately, eventhough I have made some quite fascinating breakthroughs the cashflow is still pointing away from me and now that my eldest daughter is going to college money is getting tight.


On my journey a couple of people have joined me. First an ex-colleague looked me up here in Thailand and saw what I was doing. He got very interested and wanted to be a part of this. So he set up a (Dutch) company “Ethergy” to make it easier for others to join and he found a small group of people who were willing to invest in equipment that I would need. Later a theoretical physicist specialized in Maxwell joined us. The company provided and still provides for most equipment but not for salaries. There simply isn’t enough. And that is the main reason for this campaign; support me so I can continue my research. 15 BCH is about 12,000 EUR at the current price. I can live here of 1,000 EUR/mnth, so it will buy me 1 year, after which I will be presenting my work at a Dutch university.

Current status

So what have I accomplished?

(this is my high voltage lab with the generator building in the front)

I have been able to recreate large portions of Tesla’s theories which I share on steemit.

I have proven that electrical power can be send through the Earth in industrial quantities to any distance. Just as Tesla claimed.

I have proven that we can derive electrical power from our atmosphere, though as of yet this is not commercially interesting I think it can be made so. (pretty sure actually)

You can read about my work in this field on my steemit blog or see video’s on youtube.

What more needs to get done?

There are still blank spots in Tesla’s theory that I would like to fill in. More experiments are needed to understand Tesla’s reasoning behind these principles.

What more could be done?

If budget allows I can set up a demo transferring electrical power over a great distance. That would certainly add to our credibility and draw media attention. But it would probably require quite a bit of extra funding….

Why is this important?

I believe this research is very important as it becomes clear that modern research – funded by large industries – will only publish results that those existing industries can profit from. There is no money for my kind of research because it is too disruptive, while billions are being wasted on nuclear fusion and gravity waves (for example). Moderns science is simply overlooking numerous in-your-face facts, because of this dependency.

Then there are many documentaries and other publications about Tesla and his work that -sorry to say it- are full of BS. And so I try sometimes to get my work published but that is just impossible. It seems there is no place for the truth when it comes to Tesla.


All of modern science including Relativity is based on the Maxwell equations. Now just think what it would mean if I can prove that they are wrong. Not totally wrong, but let’s say incomplete+. You can not get more disruptive than that. What if most of what we think we know about electricity and the role it plays in our universe is wrong. What if there is a direct connection between gravity and electricity? What if there is a clean energy source that we have overlooked until now? To quote Tesla: “I can see the excitement coming”.

Crypto’s to the rescue

Crypto currencies can do magic here, because of their trustless nature. No industries and no government can stop the truth if it is funded with crypto.

So that is why I am here. Will you help?


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    Genuinely interested in funding the whole thing, where are you located in Thailand, and are you open to the idea of us visiting the site?

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