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Grind.Cash is an online service or application that allows the free market to empower themselves through Bitcoin Cash. Freelance workers a.k.a. “Grinders” can coordinate work with anyone, anywhere in the world. The types of tasks or projects are only limited by your imagination and the ability for it to be done remotely. If you have an idea and the resources to do it you can find talented workers from all over the world to complete the task.

Grind.Cash – A BCH based freelance website

by Grind Cash

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Grind Cash

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Bob has an idea.

Alice has the skills to make Bob’s idea a reality.

Bob finds that Alice has the skills he needs to complete the task and they agree on a price

Bob needs to hire Alice to do the job but wants to make sure she completes the task.

Alice would like to make sure Bob has the money to pay for the work she does.

Both Bob and Alice want to make sure that they lock in a specific price before the project starts no matter if the price of BCH surges or plummets before the job is completed

Grind.Cash utilizes the Bitcoin Cash Network to do an escrow for the project all on the blockchain with no middle man interference or taking a cut.



  • Voluntary Service Fees
  • Onchain Escrow
  • Instant Payments
  • No restrictions
  • P2P
  • Permissionless
  • Free membership.
  • Private Projects
  • Pseudonymous Rating System


Get to work on one of the projects posted on this site and earn your favorite crypto-currency Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


  • Work Remotely
  • Work Unbanked
  • Voluntary Service Fees
  • P2P
  • Low BCH Netowrk Fees
  • Permissionless


  • Remote Workers
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Writers
  • Translators
  • Technical Support
  • Voice Actors
  • Animators


How about tapping into the the workforce that is in the un-banked parts of the world and getting it done on the cheap. Maybe you would like to just be able to hire who ever you want without any middle man or any interference what so ever.


  • Lower Costs
  • Permissionless
  • Governance Free
  • Borderless Talent Pool
  • Low Network Fees
  • On-chain Escrow


  • Visionaries
  • Dreamers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Overloaded Work forces


  • Phase 1: Build Marketing Website (in process)
  • Phase 2: Crowdfund
  • Phase 3: UI\UX Design
  • Phase 4: Develop
  • Phase 5: Advertise
  • Phase 6: Maintenance


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    Looking forward to the finished product! We’ve added your project to the front page for more exposure, good luck!

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