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Break the norms of earphone making. Bring it up to the 3rd dimension.

ARC Krypton: First Customizable 3D Earphones

by Techat Pooshutvanitshakul

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Techat Pooshutvanitshakul

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Who are we?

Our team at ARC Custom has been developing earphones for past 4 years; just recently we launched our very first product, the ARC Pollux to the market. It has gained a following for its design and sound signature within Thailand and we are now in the process of expanding the market to Singapore and the Philippines.(


Here are some of the reviews from our customers:

“ARC Pollux provides me the balanced isolation and great soundstage which makes me hear everything that I need in live sessions and studio recordings”

– Suthiti Chaisamut

Drummer of “THE CAPTION”

Professional Studio Session Drummer & Touring Drummer
(The main part of his career has been involved with the recording industry and over the past 15 years or so he has recorded 102 top 183 albums for Thai and International artists.)

“Sure to say, this product exceeds its price range. Very well impressed. A great opportunity for anyone to get into custom iems.”  – Pijak Thumrongkiatikul


Introducing the Krypton

ARC Krypton is an earphone which is designed to break the norm. We’ve replaced the Dynamic Driver commonly found in most earphones and replaced them with a Balanced Armature Driver, placing emphasis on the clarity of the sound. Moreover, the whole chassis was designed with customisation in mind so, you, the customer can express yourself to another level. The ARC Krypton is perhaps the first ever earphone you can call your, your imagination is truly the limit when it comes to the ARC Krypton as we individually 3D print each shell to your specification.


Sound Philosophy:

At ARC, we believe in the philosophy that “People don’t just listen to music in order to hear something, but to immerse themselves into it.”. In order to achieve this true immersion, we aimed to make ARC Krypton delivery the greatest music experience in its price bracket by pushing the performance of  2 Balanced Armature drivers to the limit. This will result in rich and clear sound with great soundstage and tonality.


Technical Specification:

  • 2 Balanced Armature driver
  • Litz Silver-Plated Copper internal wiring
  • Cables & Connectors : Silver-Plated Copper cable with 3.5 mm earphone jack and 0.75 mm 2 pin connectors
  • Impedance : 112  Ω @1000Hz


Design options:

There are 2 design options you can choose from, depending on your backing amount. By backing with 220,000 bits, you are eligible to select from our 3 pre designed pattern listed below. These designs are difference in thickness, shape and size to showcase the power of 3D printing technology.




By backing with 280,000 bits, you can design your own ARC Krypton by following the process below, and viewing the examples below.

You can put your names, logos or even pictures that you draws!

*There are some constraints that you need to concern when designing your own earphones for durability and practical use of earphones:

  • Everywhere on your faceplate design must be at least 1 mm thick.
  • Everywhere on your faceplate design should not exceed the thickness of 2mm.
  • If you wish to engraves names/pictures/pattern, it is recommend to use the depth of 0.5mm.

Both design options comes with the default package which includes:

– ARC Krypton earphone

– Silver-Plated Copper earphone cable

– Protection case

– 3-sized silicone tips

– Thank you letter from ARC


Why do we need crowdfunding?

Our product is actually ready to be launched to the market. How crowdfunding helps us is that in provides us with the necessary cash flow in order to purchase the raw material such as the sound driver and the resin in larger quantities, thus driving down our production cost. In effect with crowdfunding, we will be able to deliver the ARC Krypton to you, the customer, at a significantly lower price. Part of the fund will also be used to do more R&D on 3D printing tech, and sound research especially in terms of intricate tube/chamber design that will delivery even greater audio performance


Why do we need crowdfunding via bitcoin cash?

The reason we are crowdfunding at rather than something like Kickstarter is due to 1 reasons. We needed a crowdfunding platform which was fast, in the sense that we could immediately withdraw money from the campaign enable to place a deposit for the raw materials, so that there is no delay in our production process. This is impossible with something like Kickstarter, as you cannot withdraw until the campaign is successful, and even then it takes months for the money to actually arrive in our bank account due to paypal’s and our bank’s restrictive policies. Compared to that, by crowdfunding on coinfundr with Bitcoin Cash, we are immediately able to withdraw the Bitcoin Cash and sell it at the local exchange in literally minutes.



222,000.00 bits
117 USD

Get one ARC Krypton with the options of our three patterns stated above.

October, 2018

Estimated Delivery
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280,000.00 bits
148 USD

Get one ARC Krypton with the options of our three patterns stated above or free form design.

October, 2018

Estimated Delivery
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417,000.00 bits
220 USD

Get two ARC Kryptons with the options of our three patterns stated above.

October, 2018

Estimated Delivery
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502,000.00 bits
265 USD

Get two ARC Kryptons with the options of our three patterns stated above or free form design.

October, 2018

Estimated Delivery
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2 reviews for ARC Krypton: First Customizable 3D Earphones

  1. marius
    5 out of 5

    Just ordered one on a whim, I hope this is atleast as good as my Shure SE425

  2. admin
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    Hey Marius, I’ve personally tried them out in Thailand, and they are pretty legit, definitely a winner in terms of sound performance, my only critique would be their build quality which isn’t quite up to the levels of established brands like Shure, Senheiser etc.

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