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I’m 25 years old guy,

I’m trying to leave my country and live in a safer, more stable place before it’s too late…

My passport is about to expire and getting a new one is even harder!

another chance!

by roopl

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Tripoli, Libya


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I was about to go to a country which is safer than mine and start a life there,

I got fraud by the travel agency that was preparing and following up my paperwork……

Now I’ve started working and I get paid about $125 per month; those would be $900 if the banks here provide dollars but unfortunately the only way to get dollars is through the black market


What will I do with the money (if I got them)?

I will apply by myself for a visa , fulfill the requirements, start a small business and I’ll bring back every single cent to anyone who funded me…



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  1. admin
    3 out of 5

    We strongly recommend that you provide photographic proof for authenticity, also are you sure 7000 bits (around $8) is enough to apply for a visa?

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