Software Development

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“Miner’s Choice Initiative” Development for Free transactions on Bitcoin Cash

We propose a "Miner's Choice Initiative" that will enable free transactions to be enabled on Bitcoin Cash. The

24,000.00 bits Raised 0.48%
5,000,000.00 bits Goal
85 Days to Go

Bitcoin Cash Gift Store – Shop with BCH – One more step towards mass adoption.

A gift store where you can spend Bitcoin Cash to buy gifts and get rewarded.

0.00 bits Raised 0%
1,200,000.00 bits Goal
0 Days to Go
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Grind.Cash – A BCH based freelance website

Grind.Cash is an online service or application that allows the free market to empower themselves through Bitcoin Cash.

0.00 bits Raised 0%
10,000,000.00 bits Goal
9 Days to Go
, United States (US)